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We offer services that are significant for the success of every organisation in the public and private sectors, across all industries.

1.Internal Audit Support

This includes assisting organizations with the following services:

§  Internal audit assurance and advisory services;

§  Setting up  Internal Audit functions;

§  Providing training and support to existing internal audit functions;

§  Drafting internal audit and audit committee charters;

§  Compiling and enhancing internal audit methodologies;

§  Corporate governance reviews;

§  Operational audits;

§  Performance audits;

§  Audit of performance information;

§  Risk management audits;

§  Financial and compliance audits;

§  Information technology audits;

§  Internal audit quality improvement programme; and

§  Strategy audits.

§  Outsourcing any of the above


2.Information Technology

§  Information technology audits;

§  SAP Technical upgrade

§  SAP Functional upgrade

§  General control review

§  Applications control

§  Root cause analysis

§  IT Support

§  Disaster recovery and Business continuity

§  Anti-hacking control


        3.Risk Management 

 This is performed in line with the Enterprise-Wide Risk Management framework(s) chosen by management and the board of directors, and as may be    required by legislation and other governance guidelines. Activities will, among others, include:

§  Drafting risk management strategies, policies and procedures;

§  Conducting training and providing support to organisations regarding the establishment and implementation of risk management activities;

§  Performing risk awareness activities;

§  Compiling risk registers, reports, dashboards and radars;

§  Risk monitoring activities;

§  Combined assurance services;

§  Risk maturity assessments;

§  Design of risk appetite and tolerance statements; and

§  Validating existing risk management methodologies for organisations.


4.Business Consulting 

In order to assist organisations improve their processes and enhance efficiency and effectiveness, the following activities are performed for clients:

§  Business process re-engineering;

§  Quality assessments;

§  Facilitating strategic planning sessions;

§  Design of plans, policies, procedures and process flow charts;

§  Develop performance management systems;

§  Designing and analysing organisational structures (organograms), delegations of authority matrices and other key governance documents;

§  Assisting with change management strategies;

§  Providing assets management support;

§  Providing audit readiness services;

§  Training, mentorship and coaching;

§  Forensic audit assignment; and

§  Financial Statements preparation;

§  Supply Chain Management oversight; and

§  Company secretarial.


5.Small Business consulting

§  BEE Letter

§  Tax clearance certificate

§  Pty and close corporation registration

§  CIPC changes

§  IT 12 & 14 return submission and changes

§  VAT returns and registration

§  PAYE returns

§  Financial statements

§  Bookkeeping


               6.Forensic Consulting services


§  Forensic assignment

§  Hotline setting up and management

§  Fraud prevention management

§  Training in fraud prevention controls

§  Fraud policy and awareness

§  Hotline reporting matrix


7Audit and Assurance