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    About Us

KEP Consulting  is a consultancy firm specialising in providing financial consulting services to  public  and private sectors.  

What makes KEP different lies in its approach to the client’s problems and its undying passion for quality professional services – we strive for going beyond excellence in everything we do.


The firm is made up of qualified and highly skilled chartered accountants, Internal auditors, Information technology specialists and other reputable qualifications. The vast experience and quality skills possessed by our team not only enable us to understand the client’s value chain and core competencies, it also enables us to identify inefficient, ineffective, uneconomical and irrelevant processes the client may do without. What sets us apart is our ability to design solutions that enable the client to meet its vision. Our understanding of what you aim to achieve is the starting point of our work.


We have a thorough understanding of the South African business and legislative environment, including but not limited to the following: Companies Act of South Africa, the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA), the Treasury Regulations, Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA) , Income Tax Act, Value Added Tax Act, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Generally Recognised Accounting Practice (GRAP), modified cash basis and the internationally acclaimed best practices such as the COSO ERM and Internal Control Frameworks, the ISO 31000 standards and the King Code of Corporate Governance for South Africa amongst others.


All our methodologies are aligned to leading international standards such as the International Professional Practices Framework of the Institute of Internal Auditors and the risk management codes and standards promulgated by various bodies, including the Institute of Risk Management UK and the Institute of Risk Management South Africa.


Our vision is to become a world-class African advisory and accounting services firm. 

In striving to accomplish its vision, the KEP mission is to:

  • Deliver high quality and excellent services to clients;
  • Employ and assign only suitably and highly qualified, competent and passionate consultants;
  • Provide sustainable and cost-effective solutions;  and
  • Forge strategic partnerships with organisations known for excellence and leadership both locally and internationally.

Core Values 

Our services will always be performed with adherence to the following core values:

  • Knowledge: We pride ourselves on having qualified and competent teams that will ensure quality delivery on every promise.
  • Excellence:  Seeking to continuously improve on previous performance. We shall always measure success through the client’s success that results from implementing our recommended solutions.
  • Professionalism and Integrity: Our company will always uphold the principles of honesty, fairness, loyalty and confidentiality.

Founded  in 2013, KEP is proudly 100% black owned company which seeks to make contributions to excellence in South Africa and beyond. We are a Level 1 BBBEE company. In all we do, we subscribe to the motto “ South Africa first”. 



The KEP service contract includes the following principles to which we fully adhere:

  • Our promise is of the zero defect quality work;
  • All agreed times lines will be adhered to as agreed with management;
  • Competent and qualified resources with diverse skills set; and
  • Constant communication.



Our methodologies differ based on the nature of the service required. However, all methodologies include the phases listed below. The client’s active participation is required throughout the entire process.

  • Phase 1 – Understanding the client’s business: In this phase we gather information that enables us to have a thorough understanding about the client’s business, including the vision, mission, value chain and strategies.
  • Phase 2 – Fact gathering about the problem: Here we gather facts regarding the problem that the client is faced with. Understanding the root causes underlying the problem enables us to address our solution to the real source of the problem, not to the symptom.
  • Phase 3 – Analysis of the problem: This phase requires extensive usage of formulas, graphs, charts, probing questions, detailed examination and evaluation of facts in order to understand the impact of the problem to the business and other processes that may be affected, directly or indirectly.
  • Phase 4 – Recommending solutions: Our recommendation is not just the opposite statement of the problem identified. It is a detailed breakdown of the steps required to resolve the problem, including time estimates, resources and expertise required to resolve the problem, as well as the benefits to be derived from implementing these recommendations. The client is fully engaged in the process of devising the recommendation.




  • In an endeavor to achieve our strategic objective of delivering quality services to our clients, we partner with organisations and businesses in South Africa and abroad that are leaders in their industries.
  • Our partners provide us with accurate, reliable and competent information in areas that may be beyond our technical expertise. This enables us to give clients high levels of comfort regarding our recommendations